You deserve something SWEET today! How about these gorgeous Baklava Cheesecake …

You deserve something SWEET today! πŸ˜‹ How about these gorgeous Baklava Cheesecake Bites? 🀀😍 Yes please! I was really nervous to make this recipe because it’s not the easiest, but it was so worth it because they turned out so good, and tasted EVEN better 🍰 If you’re looking for something new to try, this is it!

I started out by combining cream cheese, sugar, corn starch, sour cream, heavy cream, eggs, and vanilla to make my cheesecake filling πŸ₯£

I then created a syrup by simmering water, sugar, honey, orange blossom water and lime juice on the stove 🍯 I crushed up some pistachios and walnuts and added in a little bit of my syrup and some cinnamon to create the filling πŸ₯œ

Finally I started layering my phyllo sheets with butter, added the nut and cheesecake filling to the middle, more phyllo, and then I popped my creation into the oven ⏲ Once it was ready, I poured over the rest of the syrup, put it in the fridge to cool over night and it was ready to serve 🍽

30/10 for taste
8/10 for difficulty
25/10 would make it again

I know sometimes my ratings are a bit DRAMATIC, but this one truly is a 30/10 🀀 This is a warning, if you make this once, you’ll be forced to make it again and again and again πŸ˜‹ Check out my reels for a more detailed video of how I made these! πŸ’›

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