That use to be the hardest for me! Going on vacation ALWAYS meant getting smashe…

That use to be the hardest for me! Going on vacation ALWAYS meant getting smashed. If I did drink normally vacations meant it was a free-for-all! I had a fear of planes so I would start immediately and be drunk for the plane flight.

When I was really working on not drinking those first years vacations were so hard for me. I usually ended up drinking on them because I wasn’t fully healed yet.
Now-a-days I could go anywhere without drinking!

I was just on vacation in a farmer/ranch to town. So of course I’m going to eat a little more vegan junk food than normal cause they barely even know what a vegan is😂 but it’s great. I love the ranch life. The energy of the slow pace, big open fields, horses and cows around, and everyone’s super friendly. I just don’t want to wear or eat my cow! Lol. And most do around there, so vegan food wasn’t their specialty but I made it work! Had loads of fun relaxing and shopping. I mean it was nice to not cook for a few days lol!

It’s such a huge milestone doing all that and NOT drinking!! My whole being resides alcohol free and it’s just a great place to be. Truly. Just knowing that you don’t ever have to reside in those timelines again, ahhh so much bliss in that. I had wanted that for so long, even when I was still drinking. 🙏🏼

My next ‘Releasing Addictions’ Group starts April 28th!! Start the journey to becoming Sober, knowing how to care for your liver, destressing, and releasing shame and guilt around using drugs and alcohol. Have an amazing abundant life sober and healthy!
🌸Mahina Keala

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