Ramen bowls are my new fav dinner and this one is 50g protein for 530 calories…

Ramen bowls are my new fav dinner 🍜
and this one is 50g protein for 530 calories!

Serves 2
300g chicken breast
2 nests egg noodles
80g tenderstem broccoli
1 red pepper
2 medium carrots
1 red chilli
Spring onions
Chicken stock cube
Soy sauce
Lazy garlic
2 large eggs

* Start by boiling your eggs for 6 mins (if you like them runny) and then place in a bowl of cold water once cooked
* Chop and fry your chilli with 2 teaspoons of lazy garlic, meanwhile trim the florets off the broccoli (set this aside for later) dice the stem and add to the pan.
* Add 500ml chicken stock to the pan, along with soy sauce to taste (I use about 50ml), bring to the boil then add your chicken breasts, cover and simmer for about 10 mins.
* Meanwhile, stir fry the broccoli florets in a separate pan with half a teaspoon of lazy garlic and a splash of soy sauce.
* Boil your noodles according to the pack
* Slice your pepper and spring onions, and peel your carrots with a Juliette peeler to create sticks and peel your eggs.
* Remove the chicken from the pan, leave the lid off and let the sauce simmer, and shred the chicken in a seperate bowl with 2 forks.
* Arrange your noodles, chicken and veg in a bowl, pour over your sauce and finally top with your egg.

You can swap the veg for anything you fancy or swap your meat for steak or even salmon!

This makes the perfect dinner now the evenings are getting warmer ☀️

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