I remember when I would have to grab Advil every month to deal with period cramp…

I remember when I would have to grab Advil every month to deal with period cramps. Of course that didnt address the root cause of the pain, just a temporary fix.

I do think there are emergency situations where its Advil or NSAID use is warranted but its the CONSTANT usage that can be causing more harm than good. Chronic use of drugs in the NSAID aka “non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs” have been shown time and time again to break down and cause damage to the gastric mucosa – an essential layer to our gut lining. Damage to this essential part of our body can contribute to an impaired gut lining which is the catalyst to so many imbalances like chronic inflammation.

Degradation of the mucus layer CAN lead leaky gut which can cause food particles, toxins, antigens, bacteria to leak into the blood. These foreign particles detected in the blood by the immune system will enable release of lymphocytes, triggering local and systemic inflammation.

This puts the body in a constant state of immune stimulation – this is a great reaction for survival but not optimal for day to day living. Chronic systemic inflammation has been linked to Alzheimer’s/dementia, inability to lose weight/obesity and joint pain.

Its interesting that NSAIDs are taken to help relieve discomfort and inflammation based pain, yet they also contribute to the inflammatory cycle by damaging the gut lining and enabling systemic inflammation.

Thankfully I havent had to reach for an Advil in a long time, no longer dependent on it for intense period cramps. That took alot of time, reflection and uncovering to understand what was happening on a deeper level and find other interventions if needed that are more gentle and supportive to the body.

Its not the end of the world to take an NSAID once in a while if you feel the need, its the chronic constant usage that can be detrimental to our gut. If you do take them often try to look at the underlying reason for the pain (which leads to the need for relief). Whether its for period cramps or a headache, try assessing what’s happening at the root.

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